Our Program

We appreciate the importance of your child's first exposure to classroom learning. We understand it is the foundation on which future learning experiences are built.

We strive to provide enriching learning and development opportunities for the 3 and 4 year old children of our community.

Our curriculum is specifically designed for how preschoolers learn and develop. We understand that children need to be actively engaged and having fun to optimize learning experiences. We use a “learn through play” approach that is both multi-sensory and active. We also use contextual learning and themes to ensure your child has a good understanding of specific concepts by the end of class. We pride ourselves on being a unique and effective early learning program and we are confident you and your little one will love it!

We are a licensed, non-profit, parent-run cooperative preschool.

Tuition Funding

Tuition assistance is available for qualifying families and is funded in part by FCSS (Family and Community Support Services). For details please refer to the "Cookie Jar Preschool Handbook" and the "Cookie Jar Tuition Assistance Program"

PUF (Program Unit Funding) is also available for children with disabilities.

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