A Typical Day

Our team teaching approach allows our teachers to work together in class, while affording them the opportunity to split the class into two smaller groups.


Classes run from 9:00 am to 12:00 am. The school doors open five minutes before the commencement of classes. Upon arrival the children have circle time, where students learn matching skills, and are introduced to the learning activities for the day.


Students are encouraged to bring a healthy, ready-to-eat snack that includes two food groups, along with a drink. There is no set time for snacks. The children choose when and if they wish to have their snack.

Creative Movement

Splitting classes into smaller groups enables each group to independently take part in a gross motor activity in our Creative Movement room. Gross motor activities enable the children to learn about the chosen themes for the month, basic concepts, letters, and numbers through various action songs, games and other activities.

Activity Centres

While one group is working in the Creative Movement room, the other group circulates through the various centers set up in the classroom. Our centres change throughout the year and have included kitchen, carpentry, sand, water, crafts and painting. The children self-select whatever centres catch their interest. Again during play, letters, numbers, shapes, sequencing, and science are incorporated into activities. Our teachers also repeatedly reinforce these concepts when addressing the entire class during story reading or other adult-guided play activities, as well as though one-on-one interactions.

Outdoor Activities

The school has a large covered deck, enclosed outdoor play yard, an oversized playhouse, a sandbox and various outdoor play toys and equipment. During the fall and spring months our teachers look forward to taking the children outside and witnessing them engage in different imaginative pursuits while interacting in our outdoor environment.

Field Trips

Throughout the school year the children will have the opportunity to attend various field trips to locations in the community.

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