Our school has two categories of volunteering, both of which are necessary and equally important.

Parent Classroom Participation

We enthusiastically encourage parents to participate as a Parent Classroom Helper. Your child and the Cookie Jar Preschool program benefits greatly from having parents in the classroom.

Every Parent Classroom Helper is required to submit a current Criminal Record Check to the school prior to entering the classroom to work with the students. Please refer to the “Cookie Jar Preschool RCMP Letter” under Registration Supporting Documents for additional information.

Criminal Record Checks must be completed every 3 years, unless there is a break in your child’s/children’s enrollment.

The teachers will familiarize all parents with the jobs they can help with during class times.

Parent Volunteers

Volunteering a few hours of your time to the Cookie Jar Preschool helps to ensure the success of our program, but it is not mandatory. We understand that due to personal circumstances, volunteering is not always an option.

A Volunteer Bond Cheque of $150.00 is required at the time of registration. The cheque will be held and then returned to parents who participate, in a volunteer capacity, with ad hoc duties that contribute to the ongoing operation of the school.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Attending scheduled fundraising events;
  • Occupying a Board position; or
  • Donating skills or services.

A minimum contribution of 3 hours of volunteer time, per each child registered in the Cookie Jar Program, will ensure the return of the Volunteer Bond Cheque. There will be many opportunities throughout the year to volunteer. We are always open to discussing unique ideas with parents about how they can contribute to the school. Please note that time spent in the classroom as a Parent Classroom Helper does not count towards the 3 hour volunteer commitment.

Parents who are unable to, or who decline to participate in volunteer activities, will have their Volunteer Bond Cheque graciously accepted as a personal donation to the Cookie Jar Preschool.

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